Digestion Focused Nutrition with Nat

Hi, I'm Nat, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who is a Little Bit Obsessed With Digestion

I know it can feel lonely when you're dealing with digestive issues.

The experiences feel so personal, awkward and embarrassing, that opening up to people close to you just doesn't feel right. I lived it myself, and I saw it every day in my practice, and let me tell you, everyone feels that way.

So I'm on a mission to help you take charge of your own digestive health in a way that's natural and drug free. A holistic approach with a realistic action plan, and most of all, someone to connect with who understands.

If you're anything like me, you know that every body is unique. 
You don't want a "one size fits all" approach. 
You want to dig a little deeper and find out what food your own body needs to feel great and be healthy. 

What Holistic Nutrition Means to Me

I was drawn to the Holistic approach because it's hands-on, empowering,  well rounded and sensible. 
It's based on scientific research yet also values traditional wisdom.
Holistic Nutritionists understand the various roles of food, herbs and supplements, but also know that other factors can impact your wellbeing. 
Your physical environment, emotions, sensitivities, intuition and sense of connection all play a part in your health.

Why Digestive Health?

I've worked in Digestive Health since 2008, as a Holistic Nutrition consultant, Colon Hydrotherapist, supplement developer, writer and even in marketing for health food products.
And in all those roles, I've witnessed people struggling, dealing with discomfort day-in day-out, while trying up-level their wellness via Google.
To be honest, I WAS one of them.
It was my own struggles, *epic* failures, and eventually the success and clarity I found when I finally discovered a natural, root-cause approach to my digestion, that sent me literally running to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

How Things Used To Be

You know those times you get so bloated you look 6 months pregnant?
That was me, all through my 20's.
Don't get me wrong, I had fun.
But in between the good days were week long bouts of depression, bloating, constipation and exhaustion.
Not to mention a fabulous decade-long fight with Rosacea (aka terrible skin)
Worst of all I started to become anti-social... and that made me feel guilty for feeling so awful.

things THAT WERE guaranteed to hit the "bloat" button

  • check
    Buttoned up Jeans
  • check
    Wearing a Belt
  • check
    A Lick of Ice Cream
  • check
    A Bite Of An Apple
  • check
    Eating Anything Healthy

Then This Happened

Things came to a head, and I looked for help. First from my Dr, who kindly told me that pooping once a week was "normal for me".
So I turned online.
I researched detoxes and found one that looked amazing. It had Fibre! It had Bentonite Clay! It had Parasite Killing Herbs!
Basically, it had all the ingredients to fully clog up my intestines and throw away the key. 
I had never felt so bad. Ever.

psyllium fiber detox

And It Changed My Life

The day I caught myself staring into my own bloodshot eyes in the mirror and asking "who ARE you?"
The day my friend tried to rouse me off the sofa, but I wouldn't go out because (quote) "I despise myself!"
The day  I realized that nothing had so much as moved in my gut for more than 8 days.
The day I decided that the only possible solution was something I had heard of called a "Colonic".
That's the day that changed my life.

To keep it short, I'll skip the nasty part about how I got the inside of my butt washed, and go straight to the next morning.

I woke up face down on top of the blankets where I had passed out, exhausted, after coming home from my colonic appointment.
A single ray of sunshine crossed my arm, and I could hear the fresh, spring sound of birds chirping outside.
And every cell in my body was *singing* with pure joy!

What I Learned

Let's be real > For most people, colonics gently improve things over time.
But for me, maybe because I was so bad going in, or maybe because I was so ready to let go of feeling so bad, it drastically improved how I felt, physically and emotionally.
It became crystal clear to me in that moment when I woke up with my body singing, what a huge impact my poor digestion had on everything from my bloated stomach to my sleep, my mood, my skin.... my life!

Becoming a Digestion Nerd

Food became much more than just something yummy to taste.
I started to understand that everything you eat also has physical properties that interact with the mechanics of your digestive system, and that everything from your stress levels to your body's enzymes, how well you chew, your liver function, your gut's reactivity, your microbiome, your muscle tone, your gut's unique shape, and even your hydration all ties in together.

I had found my path in life. I'm not kidding.

That very day I raced around booking tours of Holistic Nutrition schools, and within a week I was signed up for the Institute of Holistic Nutrition AND I had my Colon Therapy apprenticeship lined up.

A Note About Imperfection

This is the part where I want to make sure you're not getting the wrong impression about me.
Newsflash: I am FAR from perfect.
If perfect-life inspiration is what you're looking for, it's time to move on because that's exactly what you won't find here. 

Not only have I struggled in the past, I still do.
I live a real life.
It's hectic, I get tired, I'm married to a total meat & potatoes guy, and I have a kid who needs big, filling lunches Every. Single. Day.
But I strive hard to give "healthy for me" a high priority.
And you can too.
Even if your life is hectic and not picture-perfect.

A FRESH Approach

Because life can and does get in the way, I developed a simple and effective strategic plan for getting back on the wagon.
FRESH is a holistic approach to digestive wellness that walks you step by step from "Bunged Up" to "Fresh as a Daisy".

Foundation -> Renewal -> Environment -> Support -> Habits

Natalia del Arbol, CNP, Holistic Nutritionist

About Nat

I was pulled to move to Toronto from the UK 20 years ago.
I had this idea in my head that Canada was a 70's time warp where the people were super friendly, neighbourly and down to earth, and the lakes, trees and wildlife were an inseparable part of daily life. And guess what? I was right.
So even though I live in a big city, if you're looking for me I might be volunteering at my kid's school, enjoying a windy walk by the lake, setting up a picnic blanket in front of the musicians at our local farmer's market, or grabbing a coffee with my friends. 

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