Digestion Focused Nutrition with Nat

Right now you'd probably rather crawl under a blanket and hide from the world than deal with your stomach. 

Maybe some kind-hearted stranger looked at your bloated belly and assumed you actually were pregnant. Maybe you just spent the afternoon crying in the office toilet because you can't button up your work pants after eating an APPLE. Maybe you've missed so many social occasions that you're starting to feel guilty for feeling so crap. AND you still feel crap on top of it.

And now you're over it. It's time to figure out your stomach.

Well it turns out you're not alone - here's a fun fact (oh ok, maybe it's not "fun"):

​72% of Americans say they suffer from GI issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea on a regular basis*.

Hi, I’m Nat,

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and former Colon Therapist.

I know talking about your digestion is embarrassing.

Yes, it’s the opposite of glamorous.

Yes, it’s something no-one talks about.

But you deserve to feel comfortable on the inside, every day, and you are ALLOWED to take control of your own health. 

It's time to learn how to listen to your gut, and talk back.

How I Got Here

I spent my early childhood plagued by so-called “minor” digestive issues - food aversions, stomach aches, bloating and very chronic constipation. I have memories of sitting in the bathroom trying to tend to my big girl business, with my whole family crowding outside the door shouting “Take your tiiiime!”

As I grew up I got fed up of the constant discomfort. It was making me feel alienated which didn’t help my already melancholic teenage mood, and worst of all I couldn’t keep my 501’s buttoned up all day.

I talked to my Dr about it, but he said there was nothing actually wrong.

Pooping once a week was just “my normal”

Don't get me wrong, I understand that Doctors are there to help us when we’re ill. To quote Dr William Davis in his 2017 book "Undoctored", "Nobody around here is going to try to replace their own hip joint or treat a urinary tract infection with salves and tonics." 

But when it comes to digestion, the best you're likely to get is a pat on the head and a laxative. 

No figuring out the root cause, or discussing how to make sure this doesn't become a lifelong issue.

That pat on the head when I was at my wit's end and my digestion was holding me hostage made me steaming mad, but it was eye opening. It forced me to understand that our wellness is something we're supposed to look after ourselves, not hand over to a professional who's only trained to medicate.

That Time I Messed Up

I sprang into action, determined to fix my gut.

    • I taught myself all about internal cleansing from online forums
    • Feeling quite clever, I gathered my witches brew of herbs, bentonite clay and fiber
    • And I carried out my own, well intentioned but completely wrong for me, detox
TRUE or FALSE?  “You should drink psyllium fiber mixed with clay when you’re constipated”

Maybe you saw this coming, but at the time I honestly didn't! I basically cemented my digestive system SHUT for more than a week. Food went in (I'm an emotional eater), but nothing came OUT.

I felt absolutely terrible. Stuffed, sad, moody​, heavy, culminating in a rather dramatic episode of self-hatred as I looked into my own bloodshot eyes in the bathroom mirror, that thankfully raised a flag. I was on a mission to feel better, not worse!

I was lucky enough to book a same-day Colon Hydrotherapy session, my first one. It was pretty awful, embarrassing, WEIRD. But it worked!​

I slept like a log that night, and when I woke up I felt incredible! Truly rested, wide awake and pain free, with a stomach that was free of bloating or any of the toxic weight that had been dragging me down. It felt like very cell in my body was singing for joy!​

Your Gut Health Directly Impacts How You Feel

That was the Sliding Doors moment that changed my life.

It's not that one colonic was the whole answer, but it clearly showed me the impact my poor digestion was having on everything from my bloated stomach to my sleep, my mood, my skin.... everything.

I decided at that moment that I HAD to become a Colon Therapist, study Holistic Nutrition, and help other people free themselves from the unnecessary misery of bad digestion. I changed my career as well as my diet, and became an energized and passionate student of the gut. And for the last 10 years I’ve been on a mission to teach what I have learned, and empower others to take ownership of their digestion too.


I did my undergrad in Psychology (BSc), and became a Holistic Nutritionist (CNC) in 2007, studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. My best job ever was working as a Colon Therapist in a Digestive Health clinic. I loved it because week after week I would see my clients' eyes get shinier, their skin clearer and their mood brighter all because that crucial bodily process of elimination was getting a workout! 

As a digestion focussed Holistic Nutritionist I have a unique perspective that is pragmatic  and science based, yet respectful of the effect our environment and emotions can have.  I work with my clients in a way that's SAFE, SIMPLE and REALISTIC.

It takes a leap of faith to believe YOU can take the right action when other people seem to have given up on you. But I know from experience that if you put in a bit of effort and have the right guidance, YOU CAN FEEL BETTER.

What I am Not

I’m not a doctor, and I certainly can’t diagnose conditions, cure illnesses, or prescribe remedies or medications. I encourage everyone with digestive concerns to get fully checked out by their doctor - only a medical professional is equipped (and allowed!) to run tests and provide you with a diagnosis (or not) so that you KNOW and have a place to start.

Don’t self-diagnose or hide. You’re too important.

I’m also not a Naturopath, a Dietician, a GI specialist, a scapegoat or an excuse.

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, which means that I guide people to take ownership of their wellbeing using western, science based natural nutrition as well as some concepts from traditional medicines, simple herbs and food based supplements, environmental awareness and mindfulness.

Let’s Figure It Out Together!

If understanding about healthy diets was the whole enchilada, we would all be Gwynneth Paltrow right now.

When I first started practicing I would spend DAYS creating a detailed protocol for each client, and hand it over in a neat little folder. They were ready and motivated to change, and they had the information. But they never stuck to the plan they had paid for!

Not until I included a month of email support into my package - that's when the results started to happen!

Changing your eating habits - changing your DENIAL habits - takes SUPPORT, TOGETHERNESS and ACCOUNTABILITY.

So I KNOW digestive health is a crappy topic (pun totally intended), but I really am glad you're here because I can help you with that.

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* Nov. 6, 2013 Harris Interactive online  survey of 2010 US adult men and women, conducted on behalf of AbbVie (pharmaceutics manufacturer)